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FTP On The Go for iOS 7 & Upgrade Pricing:

  • More Information Here.
  • The Top Problems & Fixes:

  • For errors viewing files, try downloading the file using the download button instead of the View button in the upper corner. Then on the Saved Files tab, pick the file and use the View button there.
  • If the text editor is acting slowly, on the Settings tab at the very top, turn off the Text Color Coding.
  • Tip: Always make sure you have the newest version, you can check in the "App Store" app, in the Updates section if a new update is available.
  • Connecting
  • Trouble Connecting? 530 Error?
  • Ports and Server Paths
  • Notes:
  • "Photo Library" folder is blank on the Saved Files tab?
  • Saving to the Music Library
  • Information about Image viewing and sizes
  • Adding files to the Saved Files tab
  • Accessing Saved Files from your Computer
  • Connecting back to a computer on your Home network
  • The 17+ rating
  • iPad?
  • There's an app for that: FTP On The Go PRO
  • FTP On The Go also works perfectly fine on an iPad, it will operate in "iPhone" mode.
  • PRO adds optimized support for the iPad--and the PRO version will also work on your iPhone or iPod touch too.

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