Sharing Saved Files


The rules for an iPhone app restrict one app from directly getting at any files saved by another.

FTP On The Go has some sharing features, so from your computer you can store files in FTP On The Go. Once they're stored, you can upload them anywhere, or view them, or anything else it can do.

There are several ways you can store files into the Saved Files tab, more information.

Turning It On

Your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch will need to be on the same WiFi network as your computer. If a WiFi network is not available, you can still setup an "Ad Hoc" one using your computer (Directions Here).

On the Settings tab within FTP On The Go, in the "Sharing Saved Files" section, simply turn on the FTP Server or Web Server or both.

Once it is on, addresses will be shown in the line below. Use that address from your computer on the same WiFi network to connect to your iPhone.

Using It

Using your web browser is easy, a simple web page shows in your browser so you can view files that are saved on the iPhone, or upload more. To store one or two files, it works well. If you have a bunch of files to upload to the iPhone, you'll want to use an FTP client on your computer.

Using an FTP Client on your computer gives you more choices, like creating folders, deleting files, or easily uploading a bunch of files at once.

Note: Using Finder on a Mac as the FTP client works, but it treats all FTP folders as read-only. You'll be able download files from the iPhone, but not upload.