FTP On The Go and iOS 7

iOS 7

If you have previously purchased, FTP On The Go 4.0 for iOS 7 is not a free upgrade. You will either need to get the Upgrader app or purchase the full version in the App Store (FTP On The Go PRO for iOS7).

If you're a new buyer, simply buy FTP On The Go PRO for iOS7 if you have an iPad or FTP On The Go for iOS7 if you have an iPhone.

We worked hard to create the Upgrader app to give a discount to previous buyers--we're the first we know of to successfully make a working system so you don't have to pay full price again. Simply keep the earlier version of FTP On The Go on your iPhone or iPad until you Activate. The Upgrader will detect the earlier app and will give a discount.

Why are you charging for upgrades?

The short answer is: If we go out of business, you won't get any updates at all. And we want to keep working and improving apps for you, for iOS 8, 9 and beyond.

Charging a small upgrade fee will allow us to keep working and improving for you.

Many other companies (even Apple) have done this. The App Store makes it difficult by requiring a separate App. We're excited that we did figure a way to give a discount on the price to previous buyers. Every other company (including Apple) simply charged full price again for the new version.

We considered waiting to see if Apple would add some sort of paid upgrades since that would be much more automatic and seamless. But that is not likely to happen until iOS 8 in a year, and it could be even longer.

Do I have to upgrade to the iOS7 version?

NO! You can continue to use the earlier 3.x versions without upgrading. They will get bug fixes, but won't get new features or things we can now do in iOS 7.

Do I have to buy the Activation for each device?

NO! If you have purchased the Activation on one device, simply install the Upgrader app on your other devices. If it does not activate automatically, there is a button at the bottom of the Settings tab to restore your purchases.

What is new in the iOS 7 versions?

A whole lot of work (more than you'd think) went into updating the UI to match beatifully with the new iOS7 designs. There was a lot under the hood to improve stability, security, and little nice extras all over.

Some of the main visible new features are in the code editor. It now has line numbers as well as lets you choose from different color schemes.

Going forward there will be many new features that will only be available in the 4.x versons for iOS7.