FTP on the Go Connecting

530 Error

This virtually always is a mistyped password, or some other problem with the login. Triple check that the password is correct, and that there isn't some special format needed for the username (xyz@xyz.com, etc.)

Really. Even if you've double checked the password, if you're getting this 530 error, check the login again.

Other Connection Problems

Pick the Settings tab, scroll down to the "Security" section and turn off the top two settings. That very often resolves connection problems.

Another setting to change is on Settings tab, in the "Advanced" section. Turning the "PASV Mode" switch off can help with some servers--but other servers may require that it be turned ON too.

Still Having Problems?

If there is still a problem connecting, go to the Settings tab, then press the "Log" button in the upper right. That page shows the communication details; there's even an Email button that sends to support that can help us identify what the problem might be. (And if FTP On The Go closed, it will show the log from the previous transfer.)

Path and Port Tips

  • The ":21" port is optional. You would only ever need to include it if it is NOT 21.
  • The "/path/" is optional. It will show folders so you can browse to where you need to be.
  • You can use "/../../path/" if needed to go up folders on the server.
  • Super special feature: You can use "//" to open the root folder on the server, or a location relative to the root folder using "//user/mike".